About Edufee

Edufee is an innovative cloud-based solution developed jointly by Dibrugarh University and KBQUBE that is uniquely designed for colleges and other educational institutes. It offers user-friendly interface, excellent control over all modules of an institute and an option for students and parents to make payments online. The main features of Edufee are - 


* To Speed up the application submission process and information flow among departments, applicants and Colleges for better Transparency, reliability and time-saving. 

* To share and get the information within no time in a better and desired format for decision making with increased accountability.  

* Better and timely response to the student queries and issues regarding application submission process.  

* To computerize the admission procedure with the help of an integrated web based solution to maintain efficient flow of information in a secured mode.


Our Mentors And Advisors

Cheif Advisor -
Prof. Alak Kumar Buragohain
Former Vice Chancellor, Dibrugarh University

Prof. M.N. Dutta
Former Registrar , Dibrugarh University

Prof. Ajanta Borgohain Rajkonwar
Chairperson, Centre for Management Studies, D.U.
Professor, Department of Commerce, D.U.

Prof. Surajit Borkotokey
Director, Centre For Computer Studies , DU

Dr. Chimun Kr. Nath
Associate Professor, Department Of Commerce, Dibrugarh University

Prof. P.K. Borua
Chairperson, Tea & Agro Studies, Dibrugarh University

Prof. Deb Kumar Chakraborty
Professor, Department Of Economics, Dibrugarh University

Dr. A T T Mostako
Assistant Professor, Department Of Physics, Dibrugarh University


Diganta Bora
Asst. Registrar, Accounts and Finance

Gunadeep Chetia
Programmer, Dibrugarh University

Gouree Shankar Das
Assistant Professor, Department Of Physics, Dibrugarh University


Meet The Team


Mayur Das

   Malabika Sonowal Hazarika

Jeetul Sonowal

Jyoti Singh


Shilpi Singha

   Ajgar Ahmed

Bhaskar Namasudra


Benefits To The Students

  Applicant's Convenience : One of the greatest advantages of Edufee is that applicants can choose to submit their applications at their convenience. All that is required is access to a computer or a smartphone and internet connectivity. Applicants can fill up the application form from anywhere. They don’t have to come to the college for application submission. Applicants can sign up online when and where is most convenient for them in just a few minutes without having to print, manually fill out and send paper forms. Messy handwriting, lack of postal connectivity, delay in courier delivery etc. are unlikely to disrupt the application process. This is a great advantage to candidates in rural areas and candidates with disabilities.

  Logistics : No more running out of paper application forms, picking the right colour ink pens, illegible prints and wondering if the application has been received at all. The online application process offers college applicants a uniform platform for filling in their applications and also provides prompts on which fields are mandatory. The acknowledgement is almost immediate and the system is user-friendly. 

  Improved Customer Support :  We provide all the necessary information to the applicants immediately regarding the application process. Our support team provides telephonic and email support to the candidates which makes the online form submission easy.  

  Securely And Conveniently Pay Online :   Instead of writing a cheque or counting cash at the front line or waiting in a queue, participants can simply enter their debit card , credit card, internet banking and other payment mode details online to securely complete their transaction in seconds.  

  Receive Automated Confirmation Receipt :   Once the payment is processed, participants will then receive a receipt confirming they are signed up for their desired event and their payment has been securely processed and accepted.    

  Receive e-mails And Notifications :   Participant gets the ability to be informed straight to their inbox whenever a new event of their interest is launched, without having to look for it.   

  Easy Refunds :   Our system helps college to make easy and fast refunds to applicants in case of double payment etc.   

Benefits To The Colleges And Institutes

Saves Time :   Opening, entering and sorting out illegible or inaccurate forms can be very time consuming, so just by eliminating these processes off administration are set to get at least 4 less administrative work hours per day.   

Secure Online Payment Processing 24/7 :   Cloud based secure technology keeps data secure and always safe and accessible.  

Centralized Data Management :   Collect participants data and payments; view number of remaining participant places; analyses participants and payments reporting; attendance sheet generation and admit card; e-mail the participants’ and more.  

Customized Online Registration :   Edufee provides full customization of the application form required by the colleges.    

 Detailed Reporting (i.e. MIS Reports) :   Edufee provides an insightful reporting into payments received and due, refunds given, multi-event analysis and all other reporting tools essential to efficiently manage a successful event. Reports can be generated using various filters like – reservation wise report, course-wise reports, datewise report etc and also can be sorted using different filters such as – sort by aggregate percentage, name, examination roll number, reservation category etc.